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JUNE 29 – JULY 4

Coordinator: Marty Stevens

For this extended holiday weekend, we are heading to the grandeur and beauty of Yosemite’s rugged uplands. We have scheduled nine trips of various difficulties. Trips 1 - 4 set out from Tioga Road and take the hiker through enchanted forests and verdant meadows with meandering streams dropping off into powerful, thundering waterfalls. Some trips are base camps, which enable groups to explore surrounding peaks and tributaries. Trips 5 - 9 are in the northern half of the park and take the hiker over nosebleed passes, through old-growth forests, and across lake-laced terrain.

We will leave from San Diego at 6 p.m. Friday and return late Wednesday. Trip descriptions are below.

Trip 1: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River (H10D), Ldr: Marty Stevens. Assist: Blake Cournyer. This multi-day backpack has it all: exciting geology, a wild and scenic river with glorious waterfalls, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and just enough challenge to give our hardy troop a warm sense of accomplishment. Total distance is 31 miles.
Trip 2: Valley Rim (E4C), Ldrs: Geoff Smith and Camille Armstrong. This is a popular backpack from Porcupine Flat to a base camp on the wooded north rim of Yosemite Valley. Day hikes to Eagle Peak, North Dome, Indian Rock, Yosemite Point, and Yosemite Falls. This trip has scenic woodlands and lofty promontories overhanging the valley floor. This area is a popular grazing area for deer. Day hikes range from E4B to H10C.
Trip 3: Polly Dome Lakes (E3B), Ldr: PJ Jeffery. Assist: E. Rachel Burnage. This is a short backpack to a base camp in the Polly Dome area. Optional day hikes to May Lake and Mount Hoffman (M6D), Glen Aulin (E4B), and Waterwheel Falls (H15D). This is a very picturesque trip with calendar-like views and plenty of variety: peaks, forests, lakes, meadows, streams, and waterfalls.
Trip 4: Vogelsang Basecamp (H8C), Ldr: Lynn Nebus. Assist: Paul Gardner. This is a base camp trip for those who enjoy daily hikes of 6 to 8 miles exploring the many scenic wonders of this beautiful area. We'll seek hidden lakes, cross lofty mountain passes, relax along rushing streams, and maybe scale a peak or two. Optional all-day hike to Merced Lake once we're acclimatized. Possible one campsite move for a change of scenery.
Trip 5: Horse Creek (V8E), Ldr: Jim Crouch. Assist: Steve Fausset. Backpack in from Twin Lakes, passing several cascades along the way, to a base camp on Horse Creek. Explore surrounding ridges and valleys, and make a third class climb of Whorl Mountain and Matterhorn Peak. Except for the hike in, all off-trail. Limited to five people. Please contact the leader before signing-up.
Trip 6: Rancheria Creek to Virginia Lakes (S12E), Ldr: Frank Vander Wall. Assist: Ted Sledzinski. This is a Pacific Crest Trail trip for the well conditioned who want to see a lot of country. The trail goes from Twin Lakes to Kerrick Meadow and the PCT, over Seavey, Benson, and Miller Lake Passes, through Virginia Canyon, and into the Virginia Lakes area. Very varied terrain from alpine slopes to deep canyons, old-growth forests, and lush meadows. Total distance is 48 miles.
Trip 7: Twin Lakes to Virginia Lakes (H9D), Ldr: Floyd Craig. Assist: Mike Fry. This is a point-to-point backpack from Twin Lakes, across Mule and Burro Passes, through Matterhorn and Virginia Canyons, and into the Virginia Lakes area. The trail runs across a narrow isthmus, over two snowfields, and through a dark scary forest. Various landscapes and diverse biomes make this trek a Hobbit-like adventure. Total distance is 35 miles.
Trip 8: Virginia Lakes (M8C), Ldr: Pauline Jimenez. Assist: Robert Dietrich. Backpack in to a base camp in the lake-pocked area of Virginia Lakes. Explore surrounding lakes, peaks, and mountain passes on optional day hikes.
Trip 9: Green Creek to Virginia Lakes (M6C), Ldr: David Rapp. Assist: Steve Barta. This is a point-to-point backpack, which runs along Green Creek amidst glacially carved peaks, and goes over Virginia Pass, past Summit Lake, and into the Virginia Lakes area. Take exploratory trips in the Green Creek and Virginia Lakes basins.

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to make the trip, and can find a replacement, you will receive a full refund. Also, if the club cancels the trip or the leader determines that you shouldn’t be on the trip, you will receive a full refund. But, if you cancel and the club finds a replacement for you, you will receive back all but the $20 deposit. If you cancel and the bus company doesn’t charge us, or charges us only a partial amount, you will receive back what the club is not charged.

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