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Conservation Committee

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Conservation Committee Bylaws, San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club

Conservation Committee Bylaws, San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of the San Diego Chapter Conservation Committee is to promote and implement the conservation objectives and policies of the Sierra Club. The Committee shall support Regional and National Club conservation programs by carrying out specific action programs referred to it by Regional and National Conservation Committees. The Conservation Committee shall be responsible for gathering and disseminate information on conservation matters and for conducting Chapter action programs to implement the conservation policies of the Club. The Committee shall also conduct studies and make recommendations to the Chapter Executive Committee on matters for which policy should be established or action taken.

2.0 Composition

2.1 The Committee shall consist of a Chair and Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Sub-Committee Chairs, and 3 Members-at- Large, Membership Chair, an Executive Committee Representative and a Representative each from Singles, Groups, Outings and the Hi Sierran.

2.2 All members of the Conservation Committee shall be members in good standing of the San Diego Chapter.

3.0 Conservation Committee Board

The composition of the Conservation Committee shall consist of:

3.1 The Conservation Chairperson and the Vice Chair.

3.1.1 Three members of the Conservation Committee, one of whom shall be a Group Representative. They shall be elected by the Conservation Committee.

3.2 Qualifications of the nominees for positions on the Board shall be:

3.2.1 Membership in the Club for at least one year prior to the beginning of their term.

3.2.2 Participation on the Conservation Committee for at least one year prior to the beginning of their term.

3.2.3 Limited to serving not more than three consecutive one year terms.

4.0 Duties of the Board Shall Be:

4.1.1 Insure recruitment, appointment and orientation of persons to perform Conservation Committee functions.

4.1.2 Take necessary action on minor matters, on matters where policy has been established and when an emergency occurs. Such actions shall be reported upon at the next Conservation Committee meeting.

4.1.3 Bring major issues, and issues requiring development of policy before the Conservation Committee and the Chapter Executive Committee.

4.1.4 Assist the Committee to make the best use of resources, promote communication and fill vacancies in the Committee structure by making nominations to the Committee.

4.1.5 Establish written procedures for the operation of the Conservation Committee, assure that all members of the Committee have access to such information and understand the procedures.

4.1.6 Establish a procedure for resolving conflicts within the committee.

5.0 Conservation Committee Officers and Voting Members

The duties of the following positions are:

5.1 Chairperson

5.1.1 The Chair shall supervise the work of the Conservation Coordinator and assign tasks to the Coordinator to assure the goals of the Conservation Committee are met.

Conduct the monthly meeting of the full Conservation Committee.

5.1.3 Conduct meetings of the Conservation Board.

5.1.4 Assure good communication with Chapter Executive Committee and the Regional, State and National Conservation Committees.

5.2 Vice Chairperson

5.2.1 When the Chair is absent the duties will be assumed by the Vice Chair.

5.2.2 The Vice Chair will assist the Chair in attaining the goals of the Conservation Committee.

5.3 Secretary

5.3.1 Record minutes of each Conservation Committee meeting and distribute copies to Conservation Committee members and members of the Executive Committee.

5.3.2 Prepare and send correspondence on conservation matters.

5.3.3 Maintain a current roster of Conservation Committee members.

5.3.4 Maintain a current conservation policy file.

5.4 Treasurer

5.4.1 Present a monthly report to the Conservation Committee on expenditures form the Conservation Committee account.

5.4.2 Approve payments written against the Conservation Committee account.

5.4.3 Prepare a yearly summary of conservation income and expenditures.

5.4.4 Solicit budget requests from Sub-Committee Chairs and prepare an annual budget in cooperation with the Conservation Committee Board.

5.4.5 Present the annual budget to the Chapter Treasurer and participate in the Chapter's annual budget review.

5.5 Membership

5.5.1 Establish and coordinate general recruitment for those wishing to be involved in Sub-Committee activities.

5.6 Sub-Committee Chairs

5.6.1 The qualifications and duties of the Sub-Committee Chairs are as follows:

5.6.2 Have a knowledge of issue including Chapter and Club policy relating to the issue.

5.6.3 Maintain or be nominated by a working committee.

5.6.4 Set a regular schedule for meetings and print the schedule in the Hi Sierran.

5.6.5 Conduct research and recommend policy and action in issue.

5.6.6 Maintain records including copies of public statements in the Chapter office.

5.6.7 Provide articles to Hi Sierran as appropriate.

5.6.8 Insure representation of Chapter at hearings and meetings conducted by public agencies.

5.6.9 Prepare an annual summary and a proposal of work for the committee. This proposal should be prepared for use in]budget considerations.

5.7 Members-at-Large

5.7.1 The qualifications and duties of Members-at-Large are:

5.7.2 A member may be nominated as a member-at-large based on long and distinguished service to the Club.

5.7.3 A member-at-large will assist the Conservation Committee in an advisory manner and take special assignments as appropriate.

5.8 Representatives

Representatives from Groups, Singles, Outings, and Hi Sierran shall be elected by the entity they represent. They shall assure that information on the actions of the Conservation Committee are made available in an accurate and timely matter to their group or section. They shall coordinate Conservation Committee work with their group or section as necessary.

6.0 Functions

The functions of the Conservation Committee shall include:

  • 6.1 In October, by formal action of the full committee, recommend to the Executive Committee for their approval, a list of members and officers for the following year.
  • 6.2 Provide training for new Committee members and for Sub-Committee chairpersons.
  • 6.3 Conduct research and recommend policies and actions on conservation matters.
  • 6.4 Maintain records of conservation matters including policies, position statements, and actions taken by the Committee.
  • 6.5 Recommend appointment for representatives to the Southern California Regional Conservation Committee (SCRCC) and for memberships on Regional, State and National Club task forces and committees to ExCom.
  • 6.6 Provide conservation news to the Chapter newsletter.
  • 6.7 Establish a working relationship with public officials whose jurisdictions are within the Chapter boundaries under the guidance of the Chapter legislative contact person or committee.
  • 6.8 Supply information for media releases on conservation matters.
  • 6.9 Conservation Committee members or authorized representatives, shall provide Chapter representation at hearings and meetings conducted by public agencies in a manner which implements Club and Chapter policy.
  • 6.10 Conduct conservation study outings.
  • 6.11 Assist in raising funds for conservation efforts in accordance with chapter policy.
  • 6.12 Appoint Conservation Committee representatives to the Chapter Council.
  • 6.13 Conduct a Conservation education program for the Chapter and the community.

7.0 Procedures and Policy

7.1 The minutes of the Conservation Committee shall be published and distributed to members of the Committee and to the Executive Committee.

7.2 Motions made during meetings shall be written, with a copy to the secretary.

7.3 The Conservation Committee Board shall assume the housekeeping tasks necessary for the smooth operation of the Conservation Committee.

7.4 Any item before the Board will be referred to the full committee at the request of two Board members.

8.0 Establishment of Sub-Committees

The formation of a Sub-Committee may be proposed by a voting member of the Conservation Committee and may be approved by the Committee after consideration of the following:

  • 8.1 Importance of issue.
  • 8.2 Suitability for Sierra Club involvement.
  • 8.3 Established Club policy relating to issue.
  • 8.4 Relationship of the issue to the issues of other Sub-Committees.
  • 8.5 Agencies involved in the issue with which the Club would interface
  • 8.6 Areas of responsibilities distinct from other Sub-Committees.

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