Please follow the procedure outlined below when submitting photos of San Diego Chapter ICO events. The procedure helps in maintaining the photo gallery and expedites the posting of your photos. Read the whole procedure before you process your photos! Contact the photo master with comments or questions about the procedure or the photo gallery in general.

1.      Making a selection:

·        Please review your photos and choose the images that best embody the spirit of San Diego ICO. Select photos that focus on the youth and volunteers who participate on an outing and visually describe the essence of where we take and what we do with the youth.

·        Be sure you select photos that meet a reasonable standard of quality. They don’t have to be perfect, but they should be somewhat in-focus, color-balanced, and framed reasonably well.

·        There is no limit on the number of photos you select, but please avoid repeating the same theme from too many angles.

2.      Formatting your photos:

·        Any photos taken with print or slide film must be scanned to convert them to digital images with the formatting and naming scheme described below. If that is not possible and you have some great photos you want to share, contact the photo master to make special arrangements.

·        All digital photos must be submitted as JPG files. This format is suited best for displaying still images on the web.

·        The resolution of your digital photos should be of the best possible quality to allow for maximum flexibility in case any are chosen for printing.

3.      Naming your photos:

·        Each JPG file must follow a numbered naming scheme to ensure a chronological order! Your digital camera will do this automatically.

·        Please, DO NOT name your JPG files with any text that describes your image!

4.      Crediting your photos:

·        Each photo must be credited! If you took a photo with your camera, it will be credited to you with “Photo by Your Name”.

·        If somebody else took a photo with your camera, it will be credited to you with “Photo courtesy of Your Name”.

·        Basically, any photo taken with your camera is credited with your name if you keep the originals. If you give your camera to another person for exclusive use during an outing and you don’t keep the originals, credit is given to that person.

5.      Narrating your photos:

·        Each photo may have a caption. Provide simple text to give some background to an image or use colorful words to describe a fun moment captured with a camera.

·        You may also provide a general description of the outing your photos documented. It is a nice way to fill in what photos could not, give credit to participating volunteers, and/or report on the outing in general.

·        Any narration must be provided in the following formats: Word, Excel, HTML, or simple text.

6.      Submitting your photos:

·        Submit your selected photos and accompanying narration via email to the photo master. Ideally, zip the file directory that contains only your photos and narration, and attach the zip file to the email you’re sending the photo master.

·        Be sure your email includes information on when and where the outing took place, as well as which agency was involved.