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Updated 3/8/13
by Dave Grubb

Terms of Use

Foster Lodge Terms of Use
  • WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU for your group's use
    • - DRINKING water! (3-5 gallon jugs; determine amount based on your group size and length of stay)
    • - bedding: sleeping bags are best. There are no sheets on the mattresses and no pillows.
    • - any cloth towels or linens (bring, use and take away). There are no towels provided. NOTE: There are no showers on-site at Foster Lodge.
    • - paper towels (if required)
    • - toilet paper (though we usually have some available)
    • - flashlights for use outside at night
    • - cash or check to pay for guests above the 20 allowed on your reservation
  • ACCESS - there is some, but limited wheelchair access to the Lodges.
  • ALCOHOL/DRUGS - No hard liquor or illegal drugs are allowed in the lodges or surrounding areas. Violators will be barred from use of the lodge (no refunds). Beer and wine are acceptable in moderation only.
  • CELL PHONE/LAP TOPS - are not to be used in any way that interferes with anyone's Lodge experience. There is no wi-fi available. Cell phone access is variable depending on your service provider.
  • CLEAN-UP - Clean-up is to be shared by all parties using the lodges. There is a sign-up list and chore list for each lodge. The sponsor of the group is to ensure completion of clean-up in and around the Large Lodge. Buildings areas including the bathrooms are to be swept, mopped and vacuumed prior to leaving. All dishes must be washed, dried and put away. You will be provided with a Checklist of Clean-up chores and a sign-up list for your group to take care of the chores.
  • COMMERCIALIZATION - The lodge will not be used to promote or advertise commercial or private business. Business cards, flyers, calendars, refrigerator magnets or any other advertising is prohibited.
  • FIREARMS - No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted in the lodges or surrounding areas.
  • ELECTRICAL ITEMS - Electric blankets and heaters are not allowed due to potential fire hazard they can present.
  • FIREPLACE - There is a large fireplace in the lodge. There should be no fire in the fireplace on day of departure. Hosts will take care of ash disposal when cold. The Host has the final decision on any and all fires and maintenance thereof. Children are not allowed to play with, near or tend the fire without direct supervision of an adult who is responsible for any accident that could occur. Do not in any case leave any fire going all night.
  • FIRES - Forest Service policy dictates there are to be no fires allowed outside anywhere without a permit.
  • The fire ring is currently closed and we have no permit. Barbecues or hibachis are not allowed. Gas and propane may we allowed in the picnic table area at the discretion of the host.
  • FIREWOOD - There is usually firewood stored on site. Firewood on site is not to be removed due to pest. It is illegal to transport wood off site. As needed, restock firewood in both cabins prior to leaving.
  • GREASE - Grease is not to be poured down sinks or out on the ground. It is to be poured in used coffee cans or other suitable container and to be removed for disposal in your trash at home.
  • HEATING - The large lodge furnace is set at 68 degrees F by the Lodge Host when needed. The small lodge residents use a wood burning stove as needed. When in use, keep water in a kettle for air moisture. Keep a ball of aluminum foil in the kettle to prevent rust.
  • HOST PRIVILEGES - An active Host may stay at the small cabin without charge Monday-Thursday by making a reservation. This privilege is on a first come, first-serve basis and is non-exclusive. Hosts using the Lodge on weekends when they are not hosting pay the regular member rates. Host may have up to four guests and may be charged for guests beyond that. An active Host has hosted the Lodge for a group within the last 12 months.
  • LIGHTS - Turn off light when not in use. Do not leave lights on all night long. There are sensor-activated lights outside in specific locations. Bring a flashlight to use outside at night as needed.
  • LIMITS ON LODGE USE - There is no limit on day use of the facilities by members. The maximum number of persons using the Lodge overnight is 100. If a host is available, a midweek reservation may be made in the same manner as a weekend group with a deposit confirmation, and host scheduling. A Lodge reservation is considered confirmed when the deposit is received within 7 days of submitting a reservation request. No individual, group, hosts, members or guests may stay longer than 5 consecutive days or maintain any residency at the Lodge.
  • MATTRESSES - Foam mattresses are for use on the floors of the Lodges. DO NOT remove them from each respective building at any time. They are not to be used outside at any time.
  • MOTORCYCLES - are prohibited from use on trails and are not to be driven near the lodges.
  • PARKING - To comply with Forest Service regulations, ALL VEHICLES ARE TO BE PARKED FACING OUT OF THE PARKING AREA to expedite quick and orderly departure in case of fire or other emergency. Vehicles are to be parked only in the cleared parking areas. Groups are strongly urged to carpool and onsite parking is limited. Parking is never allowed to block any part of the Forestry Access Road.
  • PETS - No pets are allowed at the lodge or surrounding areas. The wilderness belongs to wild animals.
  • QUIET TIME - The hours between 10PM and 6AM have been designated the time for quiet in the lodges.
  • RADIOS/TVS - Radios and television are not allowed at the lodges. Personal music players may be used with headphones that do not disturb others.
  • RECREATIONAL VEHICLES longer than 22 feet are not allowed. Generators are not to be operated in any case.
  • RECYCLING/TRASH - All trash and garbage is to be packed out with your group. We do provide trash bags and and trash and recycling receptacles for main areas and in the restrooms. All is to be collected and taken down with you.
  • REFRIGERATORS - Do not leave ANY food in the refrigerators! Upon leaving, clean out and leave the refrigerators on at the lowest setting of coolness. Do not turn refrigerators off.
  • SMALL CABIN - is open for use by Sierra Club members and guests on a first-come, first-served basis for sleeping. The group using the large lodge, except during approved closed weekends, may not use it without prior arrangement. The maximum number of persons using the Small Cabin is 15 plus Host/s.
  • SMOKING - is permitted only in the picnic table area and all butts must be retained and disposed of properly by the smoker.
  • SNOWY CONDITIONS - Be prepared for snow during the fall and winter months. The road access to the lodge is not cleared by snowplow. In case of snow, arrange to carpool with vehicles equipped with chains or 4-wheel drive. The Highway Patrol may turn away cars not adequately prepared for snow.
  • STOVES/OVENS - Stoves and ovens for cooking are located in each lodge. They are not to be used for heating and must be cleaned after your use.
  • SHOWERS - NOTE: There are no showers on-site at Foster Lodge.
  • TOILETS - are located in each Lodge and are on a septic system. DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING other than human waste and use toilet paper sparingly. Feminine hygiene products must be disposed of in the trash provided in each toilet room and removed with other trash.
  • UTENSILS - Both lodges are well supplied, or you may bring paper plates and cups. The Lodge welcomes donations of those left. DO NOT BRING ANYTHING OTHER THAN PAPER. NO STYROFOAM or other plastics please!
  • WATER - BRING 3-5 gallons water jugs with drinking water for your group's use. The Lodge does not currently guarantee that it's water is potable. The Lodge has a complicated cistern and water supply system and water is a limited and precious resource. Use as little as possible.
  • ZERO-WASTE/RECYCLING - Recycling and trash cans are provided with signs for their proper use. Do not bring items that are not recyclable in your local recycling system. Remove all recyclables and take home with you for proper recycling. DO NOT BRING STYROFOAM to Foster Lodge.

Foster Lodge does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex or disability in its programs or activities.