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The County Peaks List is an offering of the Outings Section of the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club. It is composed of one hundred peaks located within San Diego County. Each peak is publicly accessible and with the exception of one, all are rated non-technical1. The peaks on the list were selected based on their accessibility, topography, variety of terrain, prominence, and ability to offer climbers a well-rounded representation of the entire county. Some peaks can be combined for long "grand tour" type outings and backpacks, while some can be done as conditioning hikes after work. The main purpose of the list is to encourage outings to less traveled areas, to explore remote high points, to develop navigational skills and to instill within climbers a sense of stewardship of the land.

Please contact Skip Forsht (silverrfox at yahoo dot com) to request additions and/or changes to this list.

1Square Top (Point 4649) has an optional class 5 summit block; rope recommended