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Definition of Terms

Column NameMeaning
LocLocation of the peak by quadrant. The County is divided into quadrants, the north-south divider being Hwy. 78 and the east-west divider being Hwys. 79 and S-1.
PeakThe name of the peak as it appears on the 7.5 minute topographic map. If the peak is significant, but has no name printed next to it on the map, it will be listed with a P---- ft where the ----'S are the elevation.
TopoThe name of the 7.5 minute map as it appears on the map.
UTM,EThe Universal Transverse Mercator easting value in meters rounded to the nearest ten meters.
UTM,NThe Universal Transverse Mercator northing value in meters rounded to the nearest ten meters.
EL,ftThe elevation of the peak in feet.
ELHow the elevation is shown on the map. Spot indicates the elevation is shown next to the small "X" mark at the summit. BM means a small triangle is shown at the summit which indicates a survey monument or benchmark has been placed there. VABM indicates a vertically authenticated benchmark. INTER indicates there is a closed contour circle at the summit with no precise elevation shown. BM(I) indicates a benchmark triangle is shown, but no elevation is given.
CLThe climbing rating of the peak. A1 indicates hands in pockets type hiking on trails and / or easy cross country. A2 indicates rough cross country travel and / or boulder hopping and / or use of hands for balance.
Land StaThe land status, or jurisdiction, or governing agency. ABDSP is Anza Borrego Desert State Park, ClevNF is Cleveland National Forest, BLM is Bureau of Land Management, MTRP is Mission Trails Regional Park, CuySP is Cuyamaca State Park, SDCity is City of San Diego.