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Updated 2/22/2015 by Dave Grubb: Updated Angeles Links.


The County Peaks List is an offering of the Outings Section of the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club. It is composed of one hundred peaks within San Diego County, all of which are publicly accessible and all of which are climbing rated at class one or two. It includes a great deal of variety in terrain, accessibility, hiking ease, level of challenge, elevation, and topography. Some peaks can be combined for long "grand tour" type outings, some lend themselves to backpacks, some can be done as conditioning hikes after work, some provide real navigational challenges.

The main purpose of the list is to encourage outings to less traveled areas, to explore remote high points, and to develop both navigational skills and a sense of stewardship of the land. Instrumental in compiling the list were Paul Frieman, Richard Carey, Al Holden, and Sue Holloway. If you have any questions or input regarding the list, please feel free to contact me: Skip Forsht at 858-272-4495. I hope you enjoy the list, the challenges, and especially...

Garnet Pk (8kb)
Garnet Pk overlooking Whale Pk Nov'00;
photo by L. Williams courtesy B. Buffett.