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List Finishers

#NameFinished OnDate
1Paul FreimanRass11991-11-30
2John StrauchPalms1993-04-04
3Carol MurdockDawns1994-04-16
4Mark AdrianCombs1996-05-04
5Jerry HigginsBlack #21996-06-04
6Sue HollowayVallecito1997-03-24
7Virginia WestVallecito1997-03-24
8Lorin MittsTule1998-03-09
9Steve Hernandez2001
10Jan Crist Hernandez2001
11Dave ZimmermanPalomar2002
12Terry FloodGower2005-02-06
13Shane SmithRed Hill2010-03-21
14Sue Wyman-HenneyGhost2011-01-29
15Vic HenneyGhost2011-01-29
16Mark McCormickGasp2012-02-26
17Benjamin BaumannSawtooth2012-04-15
18Bob BurdVallecito2012-11-25
19David FrancisGhost2012-12-16
20Don RaetherSan Ysidro East2012-12-20
21Ellen FeeneyCollins2014-03-23
22Alvin WalterCollins2014-03-23
23Brian BrowningSquare Top2014-04-05
24Chuck StemkeGhost2014-04-06

1Rass: Benchmark listed on the original San Diego Peaks Club List (1991); UTM 11S 554410, 3677660

2nd Time List Finishers

#NameFinished OnDate
1Paul FreimanMoan1997-03-31
2John StrauchMoan1997-03-31
3Jerry HigginsTule1998-03-10
4Virginia WestEagle2002-05-11

3rd Time List Finishers

#NameFinished OnDate
1Jerry HigginsTecate2002-03-18
2Virginia WestNorth Pinyon2010

Halfway Emblem (50 Peaks)

Terri Astle, Jasper Blume (1 year old), Richard Carey, Larry Edmonds, Amin Faraday, Gail Hanna, Al Holden, Laurie Jenkins-Black, Chris Landa, Rob Langsdorf, Gordon MacLeod, Hannah North, Sue Pease, Bob Pinsker, Dennis Richards, Wes Shelberg, Jim Sugg, Terri Sutor, Anna Tan, Russ Weber, Richard Whitcomb

Please contact Skip Forsht (silverrfox at yahoo dot com) to request additions and/or changes to this list.

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