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November 20th:
Meeting Presenter: Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell has been photographing since he was 5 years old. He's been a member of this club since the 1980s.

His work has been published since the 1970s, and by the 1990s his work had already won him two first prizes in a juried exhibit at The Gallery at 777 in downtown Los Angeles.

Another club member encouraged Mr. Rockwell to start a website in the late 1990s, and Mr. Rockwell's brilliant work quickly catapulted him to international recognition by the early 2000s. He won several first and grand prizes in the San Diego Union Tribune's Nature & Eye contests, as well teaching at the BEST program at Italy's Politecnico di Torino university in 2003.

Today, as one of the world's most recognized photographic artists, Mr. Rockwell has also become the world's most-read and influential author on photography. More people read his publication,, every few days than read the world's largest photo magazine in a month — and no other photography author has even a fraction of Mr. Rockwell's readership.

In addition to Mr. Rockwell's international art presence, he's licensed work to commercial clients like Merck Pharmaceuticals and McDonalds over the past few months.

Mr. Rockwell's work comes from his vision, not his equipment. Merck paid him as much as an American family earns in a month to license just one image - which he shot on Nikon's cheapest camera, with its kit lens. McDonalds licensed one of Mr. Rockwell's images shot as a low-resolution JPG at ISO 2,000 with an 18-300mm zoom - and is using it on billboards.

Come here Mr. Rockwell speak on how to take great pictures with any camera. Learn from Mr. Rockwell's free talk, and you too will be able to create top work with any camera.

Don't waste any more time worrying about your gear. Learn how to use what you already have, and you'll be making great pictures with any camera.

It's never about your camera. It's always about your subject and your picture.

Come learn what makes a great picture!

Bring 10 - 12 of your images on a flash drive, name each file starting with your name, and let's have some fun sharing images for the evening.

7:00pm at the Wesley Palms
2404 Loring Street, San Diego, CA 92109

Meeting Is Free Of Charge!
Don't forget to bring 10 images for member share.
Monthly Presenters
Each meeting, we have a presenter who is a leader in the photographic community. Our presenters cover virtually all aspects of photography, from landscape, to studio, to wildlife and nature, to lighting; you name it.
After a short break, our Club then does MemberShare. This is where anybody can share up to 10 - 12 images with the rest of the audience. All you need is your properly formatted photos put on a flash/thumb drive. We look forward to seeing your work.

Please read and be sure to follow these directions carefully so your images are named and sized correctly. Thank you!

- Resize images to 1024 x 768 (pixels) at 72 dpi
- Please have your initials at the begining of the filname so that all of your images stay together.
eg: Sam_01.jpg, Sam_02.jpg, Sam_03.jpg etc.
- Please try and limit to 10-12 images (I know it's hard).