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June 20th:
Lew Abulafia
National Parks from A - Z

7:00pm at the Wesley Palms
2404 Loring Street, San Diego, CA 92109

When Lew Abulafia was a teenager in Brooklyn, his father brought home a gift which forever changed Lew's life- one of the first Polaroid cameras. Having grown up in the grey, sterile concrete of New York, he was immediately and perpetually transfixed by the opportunity to capture the color and beauty of landscapes, and the majesty of wild animals. He has spent decades in a quest to do just that - first using slide film, and now embracing digital technology.

His presentation this month will discuss how he captured some of his most noted and favorite images from the National Parks.

After a successful Oral Surgery career in San Diego and an early retirement 10 years ago, he threw himself into photography as much as possible. He traveled to exotic locations, took many workshops and studied with some of the best known outdoor photographers, such as Jack Dykinga, Art Wolfe, David Muench, Arthur Morris and John Shaw.

His work has been published in several national magazines, and has won the Grand Prize from the San Diego Natural History museum, the 2011 Grand Prize from Outdoor Magazine's Annual Photography Contest and numerous awards from the San Diego [Del Mar] Fair. His image of Alaska's Mt. Denali [Mt. McKinley] won Nature's Best Magazine landscape category, and was exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum.

He currently resides in North County with his two cats, Cleo and Bailey, whom he never photographs.
More of his work can be seen at

Lew Abulafia
Lew Abulafia
Lew Abulafia
Lew Abulafia

Meeting Is Free Of Charge!