Message from the Chair

Sincere Thanks to Our Unsung Heroes

Ever wonder who makes an SCPS meeting tick besides the obvious players? Everett Mehner is often the first to arrive so he can set up our AV equipment. He also stores, maintains, customizes, and transports it. In addition, he handles membership, and prints and mails our newsletter. Whew. Hats off to Everett!

Our Hospitality Hostess, Karen LeCates, transports and displays our printed media and runs the raffle. She is also our travel agent. Carol Brody gets raffle prizes from local merchants. Besides dues, this is the sole source of our treasury, which is handled by Leo Holland. Blair Francis brings in our refreshments.

James Soe Nyun runs our annual scavenger hunt and Artwalk. Ken Rockwell handles our website. Karl Grobl finds our presenters. Many members invent and lead our plentiful outings and activities. What a great bunch of people. Take the time to introduce yourself to these folks and let them know they are appreciated.


Steve Cirone

Hot Flashes!!

Karl Grobl is back from Africa and getting ready for upcoming trips to South America and Asia. LetÕs hope he brings some slides to our next meeting.

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Volunteer Coordinators

Chair Steve Cirone - 858.279.1248 -

Membership Everett Mehner - 619.232.9271 -

Treasury Leo Holland Š 858.455.1033 no e-mail

Advertising Karl Grobl - 858.689.1963

Website Ken Rockwell - 858.453.2099

Program Karl Grobl - 858.689.1963

Activities Ken Rockwell - 858.453.2099

Hospitality Karen LeCates - 619.523.5307

Refreshments Robin & Blair Frances - 619.222.4566 no e-mail

Technical Wendell Glenn - 619.696.6615 no e-mail

Newsletter Carlo Terlizzi - 760.734.1533

Be Heard!

Newsletter submissions: please have the information to the coordinator by the 21st of the month. Please send in text format as you would like to see it as well as with contact information for any questions to: Thanks!

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