Message from the Chair

Attitude is everything!

We have a stimulating lineup of professional program presenters for SCPS that I am confident will educate, entertain, and inspire us to new dimensions of photography. Our new projection equipment will match their high standards. If you appreciate these presenters, I humbly request that we each individually take a few minutes to write or e-mail our thanks and praise for their efforts immediately following their shows. Imagine their joy after doing a presentation and finding their mailboxes swamped with cheers. Imagine their disappointment if they find nothing, or worse yet complaints. Since we're not paying any of them with money, we should certainly let them know our appreciation with e-mails or letters.

Also, I am amazed at the dedication of our SCPS volunteer staff, and am proud and thankful that so many folks are moved to help us fulfill our highest club aspirations. Thanks and praise will fuel the engines that run this club. Conversely silence and complaining will burn them out.

I am optimistic and trustful that we will fulfill the needs of our volunteer presenters and staff to keep our club flourishing.

Sincere thanks to all,

Steve Cirone

Hot Flashes!!

Our Program Chair, Karl Grobl, will be spending most of this year donating his time to Health Volunteers Overseas. He is now in Africa and will then go to Asia and South America. He is photographically documenting what it is like at the various hospital locations so that the volunteer physicians will better understand their missions. It is indeed an honor to be able to call him a fellow club member, as well as a good friend.

Volunteer Coordinators

Chair Steve Cirone - 858.279.1248 -

Membership Everett Mehner - 619.232.9271 -

Treasury Leo Holland 858.455.1033 no e-mail

Advertising Karl Grobl - 858.689.1963

Website Ken Rockwell - 858.453.2099

Program Karl Grobl - 858.689.1963

Activities Ken Rockwell - 858.453.2099

Hospitality Karen LeCates - 619.523.5307

Refreshments Robin & Blair Frances - 619.222.4566 no e-mail

Technical Wendell Glenn - 619.696.6615 no e-mail

Newsletter Carlo Terlizzi - 760.734.1533

Be Heard!

Newsletter submissions: please have the information to the coordinator by the 21st of the month. Please send in text format as you would like to see it as well as with contact information for any questions to: Thanks!

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