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Patience and Respect

Our large club of all photographic levels can be challenged to serve everyone's needs. One end of the spectrum seeks "how to" information, the other seeks a display forum and believes "how to" is best learned from individual study and experimentation. I believe a middle path between these extremes best serves our club. This requires our continued patience, respect, and tolerance. Some advanced photographers, for example, can become annoyed by questions during presentations regarding film choice, equipment, etc., hurdles they may have long ago crossed. Conversely, some may be so impressed by the stunning beauty of a presentation that they want to know as much as possible about the technical facts. Certainly, these views are understandable.

This is where the strength of SCPS is contained. We strive to respect one another's needs and viewpoints. Our advanced members are continually teaching as well as sharing their art. Yet the spectrum of photography is so broad, it is obvious nobody has mastered it all. New photographers are brimming with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, which fuels the vigor and vitality of the club.

The technique/results dichotomy is mirrored in black & white/color, digital/film, commercial/fine art, etc. What an exciting and divergent world our passion embraces. Spring has sprung. Let us go forth and photograph!

Steve Cirone

Hot Flashes!!

Jim Cline and Ken Rockwell won first place finishes in the Focus on Travel Photo Contest sponsored by the San Diego Union Tribune. Jim won first place in the Faces of Travel category and Ken won first place in the Scenic Category. Congratulations, gentlemen!

The Photographic Center Northwest is searching for photographic talent from around the country for their 7th Annual Photographic Competition Exhibition, Personal Viewpoints. They are pleased to have Michael Kenna as their juror this year. The prospectus can be viewed at

Please visit for the latest information on current events at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

For SALE: Nikon 500/4P ED IF lens in mint condition. It comes with everything as provided by the manufacturer. It is a MF lens and used only a few times. B&H retail is $5200.00; my price is $3200.00. For info email raja krishnan at


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