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Digital Imaging
Presented by Ken Rockwell
Thursday, March 11, 2004 @ 7:00 PM

Digital imaging authority Ken Rockwell will share his decades of experience to shed light on digital photography topics that confuse many of today’s photographers.  Ken will show us not only little-known practical tricks such as how to straighten a horizon perfectly and automatically in PhotoShop, but also clarify many areas such as: how to get your colors to match from your screen to your prints, what you should or shouldn’t care about when it comes to color profiles, bit depths, resolutions, RAW, JPG, and TIFF formats, the realities of film and digital capture, the best ways to prepare your images for printing, and the best way to get absolutely stunning prints.
Ken Rockwell is the man behind, the internet’s most popular single-person photographic reference website with 10,000 visitors each day reading over 3,500,000 pages every month. has more readers every month than Popular Photography has subscribers.  Ken has been studying digital photography since 1973, when only our federal government could afford it for processing intelligence images.  Ken invented the world’s first integrated circuit digital color space converter 15 years ago and has been working in digital imaging full-time since the 1980s both in La Jolla and Hollywood, where he has worked in the design of film scanners and consulted to organizations like the National Security Agency, the British Broadcasting Company, Warner Brothers, and DirecTV.
 As an artist, Ken has been exhibited in galleries that also have exhibited work by Ansel Adams.  Ken’s works are held in public and private collections across the United States, including the San Diego Natural History Museum.
Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography
By Brenda Tharp
Review by Karen Ganschow, Nature Photographer Magazine Field Contributor
“I found the book ‘Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography’ to be one of the best books I have ever read!   The gist of this book is to help photographers develop an artistic way of ‘seeing’ their subject. Brenda’s belief that creating a great photograph is rooted in our individual ‘creative well of experiences’ comes across loud and clear.  This unique perspective is communicated
through her descriptive writing style and through the many beautiful photographs she includes to illustrate her objectives.
Brenda’s approach of mixing the technical and creative is absolutely inspiring!  She provides chapters on the elements of light and color and how they influence what we see with our eyes and what our film will record. She discusses in depth how the elements of line, shape, form, pattern, and texture can provide a more visual impact. She provides simple explanations and examples of how the technical aspects of flash, exposure, filters, focus, and types of lenses can be used to accomplish specific goals. She also teaches how to develop a vision and then communicate that vision through composition and individual creative technique.
Brenda has a wonderful ability to encourage and persuade through her writing. She challenges us to experiment with these methods and even provides exercises to help expand our imagination and to open our eyes to the new possibilities of interpreting that which is before us.  Then, she asks us to dig deeper, to see from the depths of our emotions, to find the ‘personality’ and the ‘essence’ of the object or scene we want to capture in a photograph.
This book is a must for both the beginning and advanced photographer who wishes to not only create powerful and visually appealing images, but to also capture the magic that is in everything before us and within us.”
Congratulations to our fellow club member Kat Miner whose work has been published online.  Visit and click on “Visual Art.”  Her photographic eye will impress you.

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