Jaeger's Locoweed [Astragalus pachypus Greene var. jaegeri Munz & McBurn.]

Jaeger's Locoweed [Astragalus pachypus Greene var. jaegeri Munz & McBurn.]

Listing CNPS List 1B R-E-D Code 3-3-3

State-Fed. Status -- /C2 FABACEAE Dec.-Jun.

Global Rank G?T1 State Rank S1.1

Distribution: Riverside County and San Diego County

Habitat: Jaeger's Locoweed occurs in chaparral understory with a coastal/desert ecotone mix of shrubs. At Vail Lake the soils are mapped as Gullied Lands, and the sensitive Mahonia nevinii occurs nearby. Eriogonum fasciculatum is a dominant shrub at this locale.

Known Sites: This subshrub is growing near the tip of the peninsula that juts into Vail Lake (Riverside County) from the south. A herbarium specimen at the San Diego Natural History Museum was examined from the hills east of Banning along Potrero Creek; it is also reported in Riverside County at locales south and east of Vail Lake towards Aguanga. One old report is from a chaparral hillside near Warner Springs.

Status: The status of this species in San Diego County is presumed stable given the very limited development in the Warner Springs to Aguanga region. Proposed development near Potrero Creek and Vail Lake indicate this species is endangered within its known Riverside County range. This species has some potential as a candidate for listing as Federally Endangered; more information is needed on potential habitat in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains. At present, all populations should be protected.

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