Bergia [Bergia texana (Hook.) Seub.]

Bergia [Bergia texana (Hook.) Seub.]

Listing CNPS Unlisted R-E-D Code None

State/Federal. Status -- None ELATINACEAE Mar.-May

Global Rank None State Rank None

Distribution: San Diego County, Riverside County, Central Valley of California; north to eastern Washington; central and southern United States; northeastern Mexico

Habitat: This is a wetland associated species which may occur on sandbars along river margins, near standing pools of water, and on the periphery of various other aquatic locales. In San Diego County it occupies vernal basins in somewhat alkaline locales.

Known Sites: This small biennial grows on Otay Mesa not far from the Mexican border, in disturbed vernal basins east of Dillon Road, both north and south of the highway. It is also reported near Hemet along the San Jacinto floodplain.

Status: Although apparently common elsewhere in North America, this wide-ranging species is quite uncommon in Southern California.

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