Otay Mountain Ceanothus [Ceanothus otayensis McMinn]

Otay Mountain Ceanothus [Ceanothus otayensis McMinn]

Listing CNPS Unlisted R-E-D Code - None

State/Federal. Status -- None RHAMNACEAE Feb.-Apr.

Global Rank None State Rank None

Distribution: San Diego County; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: This shrub grows in a xeric Chamise Chaparral; the soil type for Otay Mountain sites are mapped as San Miguel-Exchequer rocky silt loam. This shrub may be restricted to metavolcanic and gabbroic peaks.

Known Sites: This distinctive shrub is found on San Miguel and Otay Mountains.

Otay Mountain Ceanothus is common on Cerro Bolla in northern Baja California. It is also reported from Cerro Jesus Maria.

Status: This entity is presently unlisted due to taxonomic questions concerning its possible hybrid origin, as noted in the 1993 Jepson Manual. However, given its localized but relatively uniform distribution on Otay Mountain and its range into Baja California, it is considered a distinct species. A CNPS R-E-D Code of 3-1-2 is recommended for this shrub. All populations should be protected.

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