Coast Turkish Rugging [Chorizanthe staticoides Benth. ssp. chrysacantha (Goodman) Munz]

Coast Turkish Rugging [Chorizanthe staticoides Benth. ssp. chrysacantha (Goodman) Munz]

Listing CNPS Unlisted R-E-D Code - None

State/Federal. Status None POLYGONACEAE Apr.-May

Global Rank None State Rank None

Distribution: San Diego County and Orange County

Habitat: Diegan Sage Scrub and open locales in Chaparral are the preferred habitat for this small annual. Mild disturbance of topsoils, away from large seedbanks of ubiquitous weeds, may facilitate the spread of this species. Heavily disturbed soils are not likely to act as such a catalyst to population growth. Las Flores loamy fine sand is the soil type at the Windmill Canyon site; Gaviota fine sandy loam occurs at the Bravo Two locale.

Known Sites: Turkish Rugging was found near Windmill Lake on Camp Pendleton. A second, more substantial population was observed on the Base growing in open, White Sage dominated sage scrub habitat in military sector Bravo Two. These are the first known sightings for San Diego county. J. R. Reveal merges this subspecies into synonymy with typical C. staticoides, a notoriously variable taxon. A coastal form known as chrysacantha has noticeably larger involucres than the montane plants seen in San Diego County. One massive herbarium specimen examined from a recent burn on Otay Mountain may represent a fire response. Plants at Torrey Pines State Park (both northern and southern extensions) represent typical Chorizanthe staticoides with smaller involucres (herbarium specimens from Olivenhain are also annotated by Reveal as this smaller form). Reported by Roberts for Orange County in the San Joaquin Hills at Shady Canyon, Sycamore Hills, Pelican Hill, and Pelican Point; Aliso Viejo in Sheep Hills; from Temple Hill in Laguna Beach; Niguel Hill in Laguna Niguel; in Cañada Chiquita in Mission Viejo; above San Juan Creek; in Cristianitos Canyon; and in Lower Gabino Canyon.

Status: Coast Turkish Rugging populations in San Diego County and Orange County are slowly declining. The Windmill Lake site is endangered by future golf course alteration or expansion. The Bravo Two locale may be degraded by military maneuvers. Populations in coastal Orange County are being impacted by expanding urban development. Montane forms of Chorizanthe staticoides reported in San Diego County are all questionable, and may represent Chorizanthe leptotheca. Reveal's determinations for merging subspecies chrysacantha are compelling. Unless further taxonomic studies can provide a more convincing determination that Coast Turkish Rugging is a distinct entity, no recommendations for protection are given.

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