Las Animas Colubrina [Colubrina californica Jtn.]

Las Animas Colubrina [Colubrina californica Jtn.]

Listing CNPS List 4 R-E-D Code 1-1-2

State/Federal. Status -- /C3c RHAMNACEAE Apr.-May

Global Rank G4 State Rank S?

Distribution: San Diego County, Imperial County, Riverside County; Arizona; Baja California and Sonora, Mexico

Habitat: Dry canyonlands in Mojavean Desert Scrub is the reported habitat of the Las Animas Colubrina.

Known Sites: This species is reported from isolated desert locales including Joshua Tree National Monument, the Eagle Mountains, and the Chuckwalla Mountains. No historical records for San Diego County have been verified.

Status: This shrub is presumed rare but stable in its isolated desert habitat. Substantial portions of all sizeable populations should be protected.

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