Many-Stemmed Dudleya [Dudleya multicaulis (Rose) Moran]

Many-Stemmed Dudleya [Dudleya multicaulis (Rose) Moran]

Listing CNPS List 1B R-E-D Code 1-2-3

State/Federal. Status -- /C2 CRASSULACEAE May-Jul.

Global Rank G2 State Rank S2.1

Distribution: San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County

Habitat: Openings in Diegan Sage Scrub and Valley Grasslands are the typical haunts of this inconspicuous succulent perennial. Pebbles and small cobbles were common on the surface at all the Camp Pendleton locales. Many-stemmed Dudleya "corm" sprouts and is not readily identifiable except during the late spring and early summer when succulent leaves and flowers may be observed. Huerhuero loams and Olivenhain cobbly loam are soils mapped for the Camp Pendleton sites. Various substrates are noted in numerous reports from north of San Diego County. There seems to be a strong association with Chorizanthe staticoides ssp. chrysacantha at some coastal locales.

Known Sites: A small population occurs in a sage scrub/grassland ecotone on Camp Pendleton south of Talega Canyon; a second site occurs north of San Mateo Creek on a ridge in similar habitat. A large population of over 1000 individuals was found recently in the extreme northeastern corner of Camp Pendleton on a mild, south-facing slope of Military Sector Charlie. One old report is from the San Onofre Mountains near the immigration checkpoint. It is reported by Roberts for Orange County at Turtle Rock, Bommer Canyon, and Sycamore Hills; Irvine Lake and Weir Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains; also Audubon Starr Ranch, Aliso-Wood Canyon Regional Park, Cañada Chiquita, and the west side of Cristianitos Canyon near the TRW facility. A population was recently reported in Lucas Canyon on a sage scrub covered ridgeline. A very old collection is from near Ontario in San Bernardino County. Recent reports are of scattered populations near Olsen Canyon on western Riverside County's Gavilan Plateau near the landfill; also near Interstate 15 and Indian Truck Trail. It is also reported by Boyd on Estelle Mountain and in Temescal Canyon on the periphery of the Gavilan Plateau. Data Base reports from Orange County are for Pelican Hills 2 miles east of Corona Del Mar, near the big bend area of Laguna Canyon and east to Mathis Canyon, 0.3 mile north of Laguna Beach High School, 0.6 mile east northeast of Cactus Point in Laguna Beach, Weir Canyon approximately 1 mile south of the Riverside Freeway exit, Peralta Hills about 0.5 mile south of the Anaheim Hills, crest of divide between Rancho Laguna's Bluebird Canyon and Aliso Canyon, head of Dripping Cave Canyon east of the Top of the World Elementary School in Laguna Beach, east of Canyon Acres Canyon and west of Park Avenue in Laguna Beach, the divide between Arch and Porta Fina Canyons, west of Wood Canyon and north of Mathis canyon, Aliso Viejo approximately 2 miles southwest of the Laguna Hills, Weir Canyon, several locales in Cristianitos Canyon, U C Irvine campus west and downhill from the biology building, under the transmission lines near Fremont Canyon and southwest of Sierra Peak, Gypsum Canyon just south of the Riverside Freeway, the west side of Coal Canyon where the pipeline crosses the ridge road, Aliso Creek at the southern end of Sheep Hills, approximately 1 mile northwest of Niguel Hill, Seaview Park on Niguel Hill, about two hundred feet south of Bonita Canyon Drive, just north of the Bonita Reservoir, upper Laurel Canyon (i.e., Willow Canyon) about 1.6 miles south southeast of Signal Peak, west side of Laguna Canyon about 0.5 mile north of the junction with El Toro Road, east side of Laguna Canyon 1 mile north of junction with El Toro Road, Sycamore Hills 1 mile north of junction of Laguna Canyon Road and El Toro Road, Aliso Viejo Ridge 0.33 mile east of El Toro Road, Crystal Cove, 0.4 mile west of Coal/Gypsum Ridge Road east of Gypsum Canyon, approximately 0.25 mile north of Pelican Point, 3 miles east of San Juan Capistrano on the south side of Highway 74 and San Juan Creek, Shady Canyon in the San Juan Hills 2 miles northeast of Signal Peak, San Joaquin Hills east of Shady Canyon and southeast of Sand Canyon Reservoir, Bell Canyon 3 miles west of San Juan Hot Springs, Canada Gobernadora 0.8 mile west of Casper Regional Park's western boundary, north of San Juan Creek about 1 mile north of Highway 74, vicinity of Canada Gobernadora 2-2.4 miles west of Highway 74, near Blind Canyon 1.1 miles north of the Orange/San Diego County boundary, 0.3 mile south of clay pit in Section 12 about 1 mile east of City of San Clemente boundary, 2.6 miles east northeast of Signal Peak and 0.1 mile south of City of Irvine boundary, 2.7 miles east southeast of Signal Peak and 0.3 mile west of Laguna Beach Road, 2.4 miles east northeast of Signal Peak and 0.7 mile west of Laguna Beach Road, 0.5 mile south southeast of "close" survey mark and 1 mile east of Pacific Coast Highway, north of Santiago Creek and west of Blind Canyon, the south end of Gypsum Canyon, numerous locales within 1.5 miles north and west of Santiago Dam, Fremont Canyon 2-2.4 miles northeast of Santiago Dam, the south end of Gypsum Canyon, bluffs at Corona Del Mar, Goff Ridge in Laguna Beach, Bell Canyon near the confluence with Crow Canyon, a tributary to Laguna Canyon approximately 2.5 km northeast of Two Point Rock, and an old collection from Newport Bay; from Riverside County on the south side of Alberhill Mountain adjacent to open pit clay mines, just west of DiPalma's Italian Village 2 miles west northwest of Alberhill, a terrace west of Indian Canyon Wash in Temescal Valley, hills south of Corona between Fresno Canyon and Serfas Club Drive, Temescal Valley just west of the mouth of Indian Canyon, 0.8 mile west northwest of Prado Dam and 0.25 mile north of the County line on the north side of Santa Ana Canyon, Santa Ana Canyon 300 yards south of Riverside Freeway and 1 mile east of the Orange County line; in Los Angeles County from Marshall Creek near La Verne in the San Gabriel Mountains, Way Hill in San Dimas, numerous locales near Bonelli Regional County Park at Puddingstone Dam in the San Jose Hills south of San Dimas, on the Johnson's Pasture Fire Road just north of Claremont, the south side of Chatsworth Reservoir, north of the San Bernardino Freeway and west of Ganesha Boulevard near Puddingstone Dam, and an old collection from the Hollywood Hills; for San Bernardino County at upper Waterman Canyon at the end of Waterman Canyon Road on the north side.

Status: The populations of Many-stemmed Dudleya are relatively stable, with concentrations in the Santa Ana Mountains being lightly impacted by recent development within the foothills. The San Diego County sites at Camp Pendleton are potentially endangered by military maneuvers. Substantial portions of sizeable populations should be protected. Focused surveys for this cryptic species outside of spring and early summer are questionable.

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