Leafy Buckwheat [Eriogonum foliosum Wats.]

Leafy Buckwheat [Eriogonum foliosum Wats.]

Listing CNPS List 1B R-E-D Code 2-2-2

State/Federal. Status -- None POLYGONACEAE Jul.-Oct.

Global Rank G3 State Rank S2?

Distribution: San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: Lower Montane Coniferous Forest is reported for this buckwheat species along with Pinyon Juniper Woodland.

Known Sites: A herbarium specimen was examined from Pine Valley in San Diego County which was collected on September 2 in flower.

Nine voucher specimens from Baja California are found at the herbarium of the San Diego Natural History Museum; south to 31 1' North where collected by Forsberg (SD 90916) at Concepcion in the San Pedro de Martir.

Status: Little information is available on Leafy Buckwheat; its current status is presumed to be stable given its montane habitat. This species is presumed to be extremely rare in San Diego County; more information is needed. Provisionally, it is recommended that all populations be protected.

Copyright May 1994 Craig H. Reiser.

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