Chaparral Ash [Fraxinus jonesii Lingel.]

Chaparral Ash [Fraxinus jonesii Lingel.]

Listing CNPS Unlisted R-E-D Code None

State/Federal. Status -- None OLEACEAE Apr.-May

Global Rank None State Rank None

Distribution: San Diego County; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: This tall shrub/small tree grows in arid, relatively open chaparral in northern Baja California.

Known Sites: The only known native U.S. population is reported on a chaparral hillside near the Lee Valley Road, not far from the intersection with Skyline Truck Trail.

The Chaparral Ash reportedly ranges in Baja California from the western flanks of the Sierra Juarez to the San Pedro Martir. This species is locally common in the arid hills south of Tecate along the road to Ensenada.

Status: Chaparral Ash is only known from one disjunct U.S. population, and all California sites should be protected.

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