Borrego Bedstraw [Galium angustifolium Nutt. ssp. borregoense Dempster]

Borrego Bedstraw [Galium angustifolium Nutt. ssp. borregoense Dempster]

Listing CNPS List 1B R-E-D Code 3-2-3

State/Federal. Status -- CR/C2 RUBIACEAE March

Global Rank G5T2 State Rank S2.3

Distribution: San Diego County

Habitat: Sonoran Desert Sage Scrub is the general habitat for this subshrub. Little information is available on its microhabitat requirements. The common coastal subspecies angustifolium is well dispersed in open scrub, and this desert entity is presumed to utilize upland terrain (Acid Igneous rock lands) with somewhat protected slope aspects, and perhaps more mesic seasonal conditions than generally prevail in this region.

Known Sites: A recent report is from the rocky hills of Hellhole Canyon. Data Base reports are from Hellhole Canyon on a north-facing canyon wall from Hellhole Palms into South Fork, a trail along the south ridge of Hellhole Canyon from Culp Valley overlook to about 1 mile east on the ridges, in Grapevine Canyon about 0.75 mile west of Angelina Spring on A steep rocky cliff, Pinyon Mountain Valley, in Borrego Palm Canyon west of Borrego Springs on a north-east facing slope along the state park's Loop Trail. The type locality is from Borrego Palm Canyon.

Status: The Borrego Bedstraw is presumed stable in rocky desert terrain that is rarely developed. Galium angustifolium is a variable taxon and this entity is apparently a localized desert form of the wide ranging species. All populations of Borrego Bedstraw should be protected.

Copyright May 1994 Craig H. Reiser.

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