Borrego Valley Pepper-grass [Lepidium flavum Torr. var. felipense C. L. Hitchc.]

Borrego Valley Pepper-grass [Lepidium flavum Torr. var. felipense C. L. Hitchc.]

Listing CNPS List 1B R-E-D Code 3-2-3

State/Federal. Status -- /C2 BRASSICACEAE Mar.-May

Global Rank G5T2 State Rank S1.2

Distribution: San Diego County

Habitat: Sonoran Desert Scrub on comparatively open flats is the preferred habitat of this small annual. The Little Blair Valley site includes substantial sandy, open terrain, and a somewhat alkaline microhabitat.

Known Sites: One recent herbarium specimen from the south edge of a playa in Little Blair Valley is recorded. Apparently, numbers for this small annual vary considerably from year to year based on winter and early spring rainfall. Old reports are from Borrego Valley and San Felipe Valley. Data Base reports are from a canyon west of Borrego Springs, and Yaqui Wells.

Seven Baja California specimens at the San Diego Natural History Museum's herbarium are not recorded as variety filipense, but may represent closely allied populations; south to 31 38' North where collected by Moran (SD 83906) near Llano Colorado.

Status: Limited San Diego County populations of Borrego Valley Pepper-grass are likely stable but potentially impacted by camping and other desert recreational activities in Little Blair Valley, which is sometimes a staging area for group activities. All populations should be protected.

Copyright May 1994 Craig H. Reiser.

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