Pygmy Lotus [Lotus haydonii (Orcutt) Greene]

Pygmy Lotus [Lotus haydonii (Orcutt) Greene]

Listing CNPS List 4 R-E-D Code 1-1-2

State/Federal. Status -- None FABACEAE Jan.-Jun.

Global Rank G3 State Rank S2?

Distribution: San Diego County; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: Open Sonoran Desert Scrub on dry, rocky slopes is utilized by Pygmy Lotus in the Anza-Borrego Desert.

Known Sites: This diminutive species is seen in very open, somewhat rocky terrain near Yaqui Wells. Three herbarium specimens examined were from Bisnaga Alta Wash, the southeast slope of Pinyon Mountain, and Palm Canyon near Jacumba.

Two herbarium specimens from Baja California are found at the San Diego Natural History Museum; south to 30 51' North where collected by Moran (SD 75351) on a divide between Arroyo Santa Cruz and San Antonio. The other locale is labeled El Socorro.

Status: Pygmy Lotus is presumed stable in San Diego County, given its relatively undisturbed habitat on rugged and rocky desert slopes. All sites should be protected.

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