Felt-leaved Monardella (Monardella hypoleuca Gray ssp. lanata (Abrams) Munz]

Felt-leaved Monardella (Monardella hypoleuca Gray ssp. lanata (Abrams) Munz]

Listing CNPS List 1B R-E-D Code 2-2-2

State/Federal. Status -- /C3c LAMIACEAE Jun.-Jul.

Global Rank G5?T2 State Rank S2.2

Distribution: San Diego County, Orange County; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: Chaparral understory is the usual habitat for this suffrutescent perennial. Typically it occurs beneath mature stands of Chamise in xeric situations. Growing sympatrically may be such species as Pedicularis densiflora. San Miguel-Exchequer rocky silt loams are found at the Otay Mountain sites, while Acid Igneous rock lands occur on Mount Woodson.

Known Sites: A sizeable population grows in the chaparral understory at upper elevations of Otay Mountain. M. hypoleuca ssp. hypoleuca occurs in the Delta Sector of the Santa Margarita Mountains on Camp Pendleton. An old collection from De Luz may also be this entity. The two subspecies appear quite distinct within their typical ranges but may intergrade to some extent in northern San Diego County. The Felt-leaved Monardella is uncommon on Mount Woodson, localized near the summit of Black Mountain-Lusardi, and near the crest of Sequan Peak. Several scattered populations grow in the San Marcos Mountains west of Rag Doll Lane. Collections in the San Diego Herbarium are from west of Lake Hodges at the end of Mt. Israel Road, El Cajon Mountain, McGinty Peak, Lawson Peak, Lyons Peak, Cuyamaca Peak, Potrero Peak, Tecate Peak, Featherstone Creek near Barona, and Poser Mountain. It is also reported from San Miguel Mountain, Viejas Mountain, and Iron Mountain. Old biological survey reports note this subshrub on the slopes immediately south of Hidden Glen, at Rancho Ballena, and northwest of Lyons Peak near Skyline Truck Trail. Data Base reports are from 1.2 miles south of the San Luis Rey River and 0.7 mile west of Lusardi Canyon, south of Cuyamaca Peak Road and east of Fern Flat Road in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, the south and east slopes of Barber Mountain, on old Viejas Grade, and 2 miles north northwest of Potrero on Coyote Holler Road. A Data Base report from near the Blue Jay Campground in the Santa Ana Mountains of Orange County may be ssp. hypoleuca.

In the San Diego Herbarium 8 specimens are found from Baja California. It has been collected as far south as 32 3' North on the north slope of Cerro Blanco by Moran (SD 73054).

Status: Felt-leaved Monardella populations are presumed stable in San Diego County, given this species' tendency to occupy undeveloped peaks and mountainous ridgelines. All substantial populations should be protected, and significant portions of all smaller populations are also recommended for protection.

Copyright May 1994 Craig H. Reiser.

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