Mud Nama [Nama stenocarpum Gray]

Mud Nama [Nama stenocarpum Gray]

Listing CNPS List 2 R-E-D Code 3-2-1

State/Federal. Status -- None HYDROPHYLLACEAE Jan.-Jul.

Global Rank G4G5 State Rank S1S2

Distribution: San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Imperial County, San Clemente Island; Arizona; Texas; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: This tiny annual herb grows on the muddy embankments of ponds and lakes. It is also reported to utilize river embankments.

Known Sites: In San Diego County the Mud Nama grows on the muddy periphery of Sweetwater Reservoir. An herbarium specimen was examined from the Sweetwater Valley (i.e., downstream from the reservoir). Old reports are from Rickey Dam near Bonita and from San Luis Rey. Raven reports this species in Los Angeles County near Sawtelle and Santa Monica.

Four specimens from Baja California are found at the herbarium of the San Diego Natural History Museum, south to 31 1 3/4' North at Mesa el Rodeo where collected by Moran (SD 102694).

Status: This species may be introduced into Southern California via recreational watercraft. The extant San Diego sites are all man-made wetlands. Provisionally, substantial portions of all California populations are recommended for protection until the origin of these scattered populations can be determined. Status of Mud Nama is presumed to be stable or expanding.

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