Slender Woolly-heads [Nemacaulis denudata Nutt. var. gracilis Goodm. & Benson]

Slender Woolly-heads [Nemacaulis denudata Nutt. var. gracilis Goodm. & Benson]

Listing CNPS List 2 R-E-D Code 2-2-1

State/Federal. Status -- None POLYGONACEAE Mar.-May

Global Rank G4T3? State Rank S2S3

Distribution: San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Imperial County; Arizona; Baja California and Sonora, Mexico

Habitat: This species prefers well developed dunes whether on the desert or rarely, along the coastal beaches.

Known Sites: This prostrate annual occurs on the dunes adjacent to the Anza-Borrego Desert in San Diego County. Herbarium specimens were examined from both Oceanside and San Diego Bay along the coast; however, these locales may be extirpated. An old report is from Carrizo Creek. In Imperial County this species was seen on sandy, mesquite hummocks near Ocotillo.

Eight specimens from Baja California are found at the herbarium of the San Diego Natural History Museum, south to 28 15' North at El Datillan north of Rancho Miramar where collected by Moran (SD 65061). This annual was seen in the dunes at the north end of Laguna Salada.

Status: Slender Woolly-heads may be more common than collection records indicate on the desert, particularly in the dune system east of El Centro in Imperial County. However, given the paucity of U.S. sites, it is provisionally recommended that all substantial U.S. populations be protected. This species is presumed to be slowly declining in Southern California due to extensive ORV use of many dune areas, and consequent habitat degradation.

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