Santa Catalina Island Currant [Ribes viburnifolium Gray]

Santa Catalina Island Currant [Ribes viburnifolium Gray]

Listing CNPS List 4 R-E-D Code 1-1-2

State/Federal. Status -- None GROSSULARIACEAE Feb.-Apr.

Global Rank G3? State Rank S1?

Distribution: San Diego County, Santa Catalina Island; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: Sage scrub or low-growing chaparral exposed to ocean breezes and fogs are favored haunts for this shrub on Punta Banda in Baja California. Wiggins reports its habitat as canyons and arroyos, usually in partial shade near the coast. This currant grows on one steep slope, mapped as Terrace Escarpments, in the Tijuana Hills.

Known Sites: A small population was found near Smuggler's Canyon in 1989 in the Tijuana Hills, near the international boundary on the U.S side of the fence. Reported by Thorne as common on Santa Catalina Island.

Twenty-nine Baja California specimens are found at the San Diego Natural History Museum's herbarium; south to 31 2' North where collected by Moran (SD 101911) at Cañada la Matanza. Small populations of this currant were observed on Banda Peak, as well as in dense chaparral in Guadalupe Valley.

Status: The small mainland U.S. colony is presently stable. Movement of illegal aliens through this area and the potential for fires creates some risk of endangerment. All mainland U.S. populations should be protected.

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