Cuyamaca Raspberry [Rubus glaucifolius Kell var. ganderi (Bailey) Munz]

Cuyamaca Raspberry [Rubus glaucifolius Kell var. ganderi (Bailey) Munz]

Listing CNPS List 1B R-E-D Code 3-1-3

State/Federal. Status -- /C2 ROSACEAE June

Global Rank G5TH State Rank SH

Distribution: San Diego County

Habitat: Lower Montane Coniferous Forest, typically beneath a dense canopy in shade, is the preferred habitat of this prickly shrub. Crouch stony fine sandy loam is mapped for one Palomar State Park site.

Known Sites: The Cuyamaca Raspberry was seen growing by a spring on Palomar Grade near Nellie. This site was burned during the massive 1988 fire on Palomar Mountain. It is also present in Palomar State Park near Boucher Hill on a trail leading downhill towards Doane's Pond. Little information is available on the distribution of this scarce endemic shrub; a local study is needed. Old reports are from near Cuyamaca Lake, Middle Peak, and North Peak. Data Base reports are from near the border of Cuyamaca State Park along a fire road that circles Middle Peak, and in the Harrison Park area near Iron Springs Road between Birdsell Lane and Cuyamaca Ranch Road.

Status: The status of Cuyamaca Raspberry is presumed stable with most of the historical collections within existing state park lands. This variety of Rubus glaucifolius is not given distinct status in the Jepson Manual (1993); it is mentioned within a note that states glandular plants in the Peninsular Range have been referred to variety ganderi.

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