Parish's Rupertia [Rupertia rigida (Parish) Grimes]

Parish's Rupertia [Rupertia rigida (Parish) Grimes]

Listing CNPS List 4 R-E-D Code 1-1-2

State/Federal. Status -- None FABACEAE Jun.-Jul.

Global Rank G3 State Rank S2?

Distribution: San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County

Habitat: Lower Montane Coniferous Forest and Montane Chaparral are utilized by this subshrub. At Horse Camp it grows in semi-shade beneath a coniferous canopy, at the edge of montane meadows. The soil here is mapped as Holland stony fine sandy loam.

Known Sites: Growing in shaded forest near Los Caballos Campground at Lake Cuyamaca. This is one of the county's rarest montane shrubs. Old reports are from Oak Grove, Julian, Pine Valley, Shrine Camp, east of Green Valley Campground, east of Oakzanita Peak, and Boulder Creek. Reported in Big Bear Valley and near Holcomb Creek in the San Bernardino Mountains; as well as in the mountains west of Anza in the San Jacinto Mountains. CNPS reports for Baja California cannot be confirmed.

Status: Parish's Rupertia is presumed stable within its montane habitat. More information is needed concerning its microhabitat preferences; as well as additional collection data. Provisionally, it is recommended that all substantial populations be protected; substantial portions of smaller populations should be placed into biological open space.

Copyright May 1994 Craig H. Reiser.

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