Munz's Sage [Salvia munzii Epling]

Munz's Sage [Salvia munzii Epling]

Listing CNPS List 2 R-E-D Code 2-2-1

State/Federal. Status -- None LAMIACEAE Feb.-Apr.

Global Rank G3 State Rank S2.2

Distribution: San Diego County; Baja California, Mexico

Habitat: Chaparral and Diegan Sage Scrub are both utilized by this shrub which when found is often a dominant plant of the area. On Mount San Miguel and Mother Miguel Mountain it grows in San Miguel-Exchequer rocky silt loams; while near Lower Otay Lake it utilizes Olivenhain cobbly loam.

Known Sites: This is a dominant shrub north of the eastern arm of Lower Otay Lake, growing in the many thousands. It is locally common in the Jamul Mountains and on the slopes of San Miguel Mountain. It is uncommon near Ivanho Street on Dictionary Hill, its northernmost known locale, and in the hills east of Isham Springs and Jamacha Road. It is also found at various locales on Otay Mountain such as 0.5 mile east of Dulzura Creek and 0.75 mile north of Cedar Canyon. A concentrated population occurs west of Rolling Ridge Road and immediately south of Proctor Valley Road near Chula Vista. Data Base reports are at locales east and northeast of Upper Otay Reservoir, east of Telegraph Canyon and west of Salt Creek near Otay Lakes Road, 0.75 mile west of Lower Otay Reservoir and 1 mile south of the Fenton Ranch, 0.3 mile west of Lower Otay Reservoir, on the south side of Lower Otay Reservoir near Buschalaugh Cove, just west of Little Cedar Canyon, in the Jamul Mountains 3.1 miles northeast of the tip of Upper Otay Reservoir, various other locales in the Jamul Mountains near Proctor Valley Road, 0.7 mile due north of Otay Lakes Road where it crosses Dulzura Creek, just south of Horseshoe Bend about 1.7 miles south southwest of Mother Miguel Mountain, 1.25 miles due north of summit of San Miguel Mountain, 1 mile north northwest of this same summit, and on the south side of Otay River Valley in the vicinity of Johnson Canyon.

Thirty-seven collections of Munz' Sage from Baja are found at the San Diego Herbarium; south to 30 3' North where collected by Moran (SD 77027) 12 miles east of El Rosario.

Status: The U.S. populations of Munz Sage are presently stable. High concentration sites are endangered by residential development in the Otay Lakes area. Substantial and cohesive portions of all sizeable populations are recommended for protection.

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