Singles Section, San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club

Article I: Name

The name of the section shall be the Singles Section, San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club (also to be known as Sierra Singles).

Article II: Purposes

Section 1. To serve as a Section within the San Diego Chapter, which provides opportunity for an equal emphasis toward 1) promotion of conservation awareness, 2) facilitation of outings experiences, and, 3) encouragement of social involvement for singles.

Section 2. To be recognized as a fully supporting entity within the San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club, its bylaws, objectives, and governing decisions and boundaries.

Article III: Membership

There shall be three types of memberships: full, associate, and introductory.

Section 1. A full member shall be single, twenty-one years of age or older, and be a member of the Sierra Club.

Section 2. An associate member is one who marries while being a full member of the Section. A married member may remain a member of the section as long as he/she continues membership in the Sierra Club and renews membership in the Sierra Singles.

Section 3. An introductory member of the Sierra Singles shall be single, twenty-one years of age or older, and may subscribe to the Section newsletter for one year. After one year, an introductory member must become a full member (see Article III, Section 1) in order to continue receiving the Singles Section newsletter.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1. The Board of the Singles Section shall include:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Outings Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Program Chairperson
  • Conservation Chairperson
  • Editor
  • Hospitality Chairperson
  • Membership Chairperson
  • Promotions Chairperson
  • Section 2. Co-Board and/or assistant Board positions may be designated and positions may be combined, as required, based on need as determined by the Board.

    Section 3. The term of Board members shall be one year, from July I through June 30. All materials and equipment shall be turned over to the new Board members within 30 days.

    Section 4. The Chairperson shall announce at the February Board meeting the beginning of the formal solicitation of candidates for the Board for the next term.

    Section 5. Solicitation sources for candidates may include the following:

       volunteers from the current Board
       volunteers solicited by the Board
       individuals nominated by Singles Section members
       nominations solicited from those in attendance at Singles Section events
       individuals solicited from the Section newsletter

    Section 6. Each candidate for office shall be a full member (see Article III, Section 1), in good standing of the Singles Section. However, Board members who get married during their term on the Board may serve out their term and are eligible for re-election to the Board providing they remain an associate member in good standing. At any given time, however, a majority of the board must be single.

    Section 7. Prior to the May Board meeting each candidate shall be contacted by the Chair to ensure (1) that he/she is aware of the responsibilities of the office for which he/she is being considered, and (2) that he/she desires to serve on the Board.

    Section 8. At the May Board meeting, verification shall be made that each candidate has been contacted pursuant to Article IV, Section 7. After discussion, the Board shall approve incoming officers, subject to the following:

       a) Any position, which has no candidate, will be vacant and filled pursuant to Article IV, Section 11.

       b) In the event that any office has multiple candidates under consideration, the Board will make a clear decision by a simple majority of all Board members in attendance or absentee.

    Section 9. At the May general Singles Section meeting, the Chairperson shall announce the names of the Board for the subsequent term. Solicitation of candidates will continue for those Board positions remaining open.

    Section 10. The new Board shall be installed at the June Board meeting.

    Section 11. In the event of a mid-term vacancy on the Board, the vacancy shall be filled by majority vote of the total remaining Board. The absence of a Board member from three consecutive regularly scheduled Board meetings, without prior excuse from the Chairperson, shall terminate that person's position and create a vacancy. This termination may be overridden by a simple majority of the Board.

    Section 12. A Board member may be removed from his/her position for cause including failure to perform his/her duties, action(s) contrary to the letter or intent of the Bylaws, or any other activity not in the best interest of the Singles Section or the Sierra Club. This action requires two- thirds vote of the remaining Board members.

    Section 13. Each Board member shall have one vote regardless of how many positions on the Board that person fills.

    Article V: Duties of Officers

    Section 1. The Chairperson shall preside at all Board and Singles Sections monthly events (also known as general meetings;) call special Board meetings as necessary, appoint standing and/or special committees as necessary, and exercise such powers as ordinarily accompany the office of Chairperson. All press releases, expenditures and contracts by any of the Board members on behalf of the Singles Section must have the prior approval of the Chairperson.

    Section 2. The Vice-Chairperson; shall preside at Board and Singles Section monthly events in the Chairperson's absence; and shall aid the Chairperson in the performance of the Chairperson's duties.

    Section 3. The Outings Chairperson shall maintain the official Singles Section Outings Calendar and be responsible for planning, coordinating and approving all Section outings; shall represent the Singles Section on the Chapter Outings Committee and coordinate all Section outings with this Committee; and shall be a Sierra Club Chapter Outing Leader in good standing.

    Section 4. The Secretary shall keep records of the proceedings of the Board meetings and distribute minutes to Board members and the Chapter Office and generate other correspondence as required. The Secretary shall archive all Sierra Singles Board minutes and correspondence for a minimum of five (5) years. The Secretary shall be appointed among the Board members or Full Section members.

    Section 5. The Treasurer shall have custody of all Section funds, make deposits and disbursements, keep proper records, and prepare monthly financial reports for the Section's Board and submit monthly copies of the Section's bank statement and reconciliation to the Chairperson. The Treasurer shall submit yearly financial reports to the Treasurer, San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club, and is encouraged to attend the Chapter Finance Committee meeting. Copies of all contracts entered into by the Section shall be given to the Treasurer, and all receipts shall be given to the Treasurer within one (1) week following the expenditure. The Treasurer shall archive all financial reports for a minimum of seven (7) years.

    Section 6. The Program Chairperson plans and promotes the programs for the monthly events and places notices of the time and place thereof in the Section newsletter and the Chapter publications; presides at the monthly events in the absence of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. The Programs Chairperson may negotiate Programs-related contracts, subject to final approval by the Chairperson (see Article V, Section 1).

    Section 7. The Conservation Chairperson shall attend the monthly meetings of the Chapter Conservation Committee(s); communicate appropriate conservation issues to the Singles Section and take any action thereon, such as circulating petitions, that he/she deems required and beneficial to the Sierra Club.

    Section 8. The Editor shall cause to have published and sent on a regular basis to each member of the Section a newsletter listing all activities and outings of the Section. The Editor shall work with Treasurer and Chairperson in the negotiation of costs for the printing and mailing of the newsletter. The Editor shall archive the Section newsletter for a minimum of five (5) years. The Editor is encouraged to attend the Hi Sierran Committee meeting.

    Section 9. The Hospitality Chairperson shall attend Visitor/New Member Sierra Club orientation meetings on a regular basis and publish information on said meeting in the Section newsletter, the Chapter publication, and appropriate newspapers in a timely manner; shall be responsible for speaking on behalf of the Section at orientation meetings, or obtaining a Sierra Singles representative to speak on behalf of the Section at orientation meetings; shall solicit Singles Section members at orientation, monthly events, and other community outreach programs; and shall handle inquiries from prospective Sierra Singles members.

    Section 10. The Membership Chairperson shall manage the Section's official membership roster; handle inquiries from current members; pick up mail from the post office box; handle the postage due trust account; process changes of address and mail out The Happenings! to new addresses; enter new memberships and renewals and mail The Happenings!; if necessary, make bank deposits and keep track of the number of new memberships vs. renewals; forward Sierra Club membership applications and checks to Sierra Club Member Services; and bi-monthly print all mailing labels, highlight labels of all members who are due to renew, and forward labels to vendor. The Membership Chairperson is encouraged to attend the Chapter Membership Committee meeting.

    Section 11. The Promotions Chairperson shall advertise and promote the Sierra Singles Section in various media, as required.

    Article VI: Finance

    Section 1. Annual dues will be charged to each Section member to cover operational expenses; the amount will be determined by the Board.

    Section 2. A fee may be collected, as required, for certain Section outings and activities.

    Section 3. Any donations may be collected at any occasion and must be consistent with Sierra Club objectives. Such funds must go to the appropriate Treasurer for disbursement. All donations to non-Sierra Club organizations must have Chapter ExCom approval.

    Section 4. The Singles Section account shall be in the name of Singles Section, San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club, and have the following Sierra Club Tax ID number: 94-1153307.

    Section 5. The Singles Section fiscal year shall be the same as the San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club fiscal year, January 1 - December 31. Written financial reports are submitted annually by the Section Treasurer to the Chapter Treasurer (see Article V, section 5).

    Article VII: Board Meetings

    Section 1. The Board shall meet on a regular basis, with time and location to be established by the Chairperson. Special meetings may be called by any Board member.

    Section 2. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum of the standing Board.

    Article VIII: Monthly Events (also known as General Section Meetings)

    Monthly Events shall be held regularly. Date, time, and location of these Events shall be published in the Singles Section newsletter and the Chapter newsletter.

    Article IX: Committees

    Board members may appoint members for their committees, as they deem necessary. Committee members must be full, introductory, or associate members, in good standing, of the Singles Section.

    Article X: Non-Sierra Club Activities, Outings and Promotions

    All activities, outings and promotions by any non-Sierra Club organization must be approved by the Sierra Singles Board prior to any publicity or promotion by the non-Sierra Club organization through any Section activities, outings, Events or publications.

    Article XI: Changes or Amendments to Bylaws

    These bylaws may be changed or amended by an affirmative vote of three-fourths (75%) of the Board of the Singles Section (See Article IV, Section 1).

    Article XII: Conflict of Bylaws

    In the event of any conflict between these Bylaws and those of the Sierra Club, or the San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club, the Bylaws of the Sierra Club and then the Chapter shall take precedence.

    Approved: Singles Section:___________________________ May ____, 2004

    Gary F. Washington, Chair

    Approved: Chapter ExCom:___________________________ May ____, 2004

    Richard Miller, Chair