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2010-2011 Ski Section Schedule

Sierra Club San Diego Ski Section Calendar

2010-2011 SCHEDULE

Hi Skiers, Here is version 3, Oct. 11, of the ski schedule.

We are in a strong La Niña condition, and that means below average precipitation for the Southwest, including San Diego and the southern Sierra Nevada Mtns. You can keep track of the prediction through the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center. The upper maps are temperature and the lower set is precipitation. La Niña is supposed to last until April. The Pacific Northwest is forecast to get above average precipitation, and that includes Yellowstone. The Mt. Lassen trip is in the normal precipitation zone. I didn't want that trip to be too stormy.

We have a new monthly meeting location, with much more room than the Chapter office. It is the Sports Chalet on Midway Dr, near the Sports Arena. Their CEO is a Sierra Club Life Member, and he sent out an email to all the chapters inviting us the free use of their facilities. They graciously shifted their classes around to give us our old second Thursday time. Now I need 5 ski programs from your trips and adventures. They have video projection equipment. Otherwise, you may have to see my latest old time ski movies (there was skiing in the old time).

We will plan local ski trips if the weather permits, and notify you via email. La Niña years usually have no local skiing, but there could be some. Keep your skis clean and waxed, and be ready to go. If you want to be sure of skiing this winter, our trips are your best bet. To get on my email list, send me an email at

I will send out more emails as the trips and meetings evolve.

-Mike Fry

Nov 11, Ski Meeting, Sports Chalet, 3695 Midway Dr. San Diego, CA 92110 - (619) 224-6777 diving dept. class room. 6PM: Beginner ski and snowshoe class. 7PM: trip announcements and program. See call for programs above.

Nov 12-14, Kelso Sand Dunes, Skiing on sand dunes, Carpool and car camp. Mike Fry I've had about 6 signups , but I haven't had time to send out the trip info. I can take 14. I have a large collection of old skis and boots for this purpose. No charge.

Nov 24-28, Mammoth Thanksgiving, Hiking and/or skiing. Rhea Leptich. 4 nights in two condos in Old Mammoth. Thanksgiving Dinner included. About $250. Carpool. This is an excellent trip in all conditions. Mammoth is our southernmost ski trip this season, and just on the boundary of the La Niña zone. There is still a good chance of snow, and many good hiking trails if there isn't.

Dec 9, Ski Meeting, Same as Nov. 11.

- CAR POOL Alice Fichandler, 619-226-6083,
Come join us to bring in the New Year at Bear Valley, one of our favorite ski haunts in the Sierras. We will be staying in fully equipped condos at the ski area itself, making it convenient for skiers to choose between the many ski options available. There is an extensive track system, a downhill area, and miles of backcountry trails at our finger tips. There are several restaurant options close by for those who don't want to cook. Your cost of $250 covers your lodging. Downhill skiers and snowshoers are welcome. To sign up, please send your non-refundable deposit of $25 to Alice Fichandler, 4520 Greene St., San Diego, CA 92107. Please include 3 SASEs if you don't use email. This is a chapter fundraiser.Bear Valley Car Pool. Alice Fichandler No bus this year (or last year). Two condos in Bear Valley have been reserved, so we can take 14 people. We searched many possible ski destinations and there was always something wrong, such as 7 night minimum stay in Utah. Tamarack, in Bear Valley, still holds the record for the most snow ever recorded in California (77 ft deep).

Jan 13, Ski Meeting, same as Dec 9. Conflict with Mt. Lassen trip. Need volunteer to host meeting.

Jan 13-17, Mt. Lassen, Pat Roscowski Carpool in rented cars from Sacramento airport. Motel in Mineral, small village near Mt. Lassen Volcano National Park. About $430 for airfare, rental car, and lodging. This was an outstanding trip for backcountry skiers this last April. We learned new places to ski and snowshoe, close to the visitor center and plowed parking. Beginners are limited to the park road. Click here for more info.

Feb 10, Ski Meeting, same as Jan 13.

Feb 17-21, Yosemite Bus Trip, Monique Alkemade This is President's Weekend, and Yosemite charges its highest rates. We have to charge $590 per person, double occupancy, for the bus, lodging, and park entrance fee. Meals are not included. This is still our best trip for beginners. Lessons are included, and ski rental is the best buy in California (other than my sand skis). Visit for more information.

Feb 26-Mar 5, Yellowstone National Park, Monique Alkemade 8 day trip starting at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and finishing at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge. Single occupancy is $1,580, double occupancy is $1,150, and a triple room is $1,030 per person. Includes ground transportation, lodging and breakfast. Airfare not included (approx. $350). Visit for more information.

Mar 10, Ski Meeting, same as Feb 10.

Mar 25-27, WBC Snow Camp. Not part of Ski Section program, but several of our leaders are staff. You can sign up for this course in January. More fun than you can imagine. Two courses are offered concurrently, beginning in January 2011: San Diego Wilderness Basics Course and North County Wilderness Basics Course.

Mar 30-Apr 3, Clair Tappaan Lodge, Patty Dahl Air fare, carpool in rental cars, lodging, and almost all meals. About $400. CTL is north of Lake Tahoe, and shouldn't be affected by La Niña. This is home base for Sierra Club skiers. Free groomed tracks near the Lodge, Royal Gorge XC down the road, 3 alpine ski resorts up the road, and Sierra Club ski huts to the north and south. This has become one of our regular trips, and it just keeps getting better.

Apr 14, Pot luck party and ski planning meeting

Refund Policy: Note that sickness or injury does not play a part in refunds. You may purchase travel insurance from any travel agent. Travel insurance usually covers sickness, injury, family emergencies, lost luggage etc.

Full Refund: 1. We cancel the trip or 2. The leader determines you shouldn't be on the trip or 3. You find your own replacement and they reimburse you.

Partial Refund: 1. We find your replacement and keep only your deposit or 2. We can't replace you, but we get a refund (or are not charged) by our providers because of your absence. You get back whatever we get back.

CST 2087766-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

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