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1998-1999 Cross-country Ski Trips [Cross-country Skier]

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Cross-country Ski Section, San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club


Here is our X/C Ski program for 1998-1999. We have 28 trips listed and we'll add more if the snow lasts. We have 3 meetings at REI - Recreational Equipment Inc. at 5556 Copley Dr., S.D., on November 10, December 8 and January 12.Come and learn everything you need to know about cross country skiing.

Last season's record breaking El Nino was wonderful. We had excellent skiing into June. We dug a snow pit on Mt. San Gorgonio in late May. The snow pack was more than 13 feet deep! This coming season is more difficult to forecast. Both El Nino and La Nina are indicated. As usual, we will use our many years of experience to offer you the highest quality and most affordable cross country ski trips.

Beginners are welcome on most winter trips and lessons are provided until spring. Jan. 31st is a "Beginner-only" instructional trip. For those interested in becoming ski leaders, Jan. 30th is a Ski Leader training outing. Jan. 23 is a Telemark class for those who want to learn how to carve graceful turns.

Nineteen trips are local, one day "WSI" trips (Where the Snow Is). Your only costs are car pool (if you don't drive), and ski rental (if you don't own them). Four trips are multi-day fund raisers to the finest ski areas in California and Wyoming.

Our Thanksgiving trip to Mammoth has now become a tradition. The snow pack is usually modest, but the trip is inexpensive and the mountains are wonderful any time of year. Join us for all or part of the holiday.

Our New Year's trip is back to Bear Valley one hour north of Yosemite. Beginners liked the extensive groomed tracks. Intermediate skiers enjoyed the backcountry. Advanced skiers tele'd the downhill resort and steep slopes. Everyone enjoyed the modern vacation homes and the bargain prices.

The Yosemite trip is ideal for beginner and intermediate skiers. The gentle terrain around Badger Pass is perfect and you also spend time in Yosemite Valley. We stay in cabins, with bath, at Curry Village.

Jim Crouch has entered the Sequoia national Park Pear Lake Hut lottery. if he wins, 10 of us get to go. Alvin Walter has scheduled two snow camps in February and March.

Yellowstone in winter! Back by popular demand!! The ultimate cross country ski winter wilderness holiday. Travel by plane and bus to Mammoth Hot Springs and then by snowcoach to Old Faithful. Stay in modern rooms and enjoy elegant dining. The trip is expensive, but unmatched by anywhere else in the world.

Tioga Pass Winter Resort is our favorite "snowed-in" lodge. It combines the magic of winter isolation with full amenities (great food)! Outstanding Sierra Crest skiing is right out the door. This is not a trip for beginners. Usually we ski in 3-6 miles with daypacks and a snow cats haul in our gear - weather permitting.

Our annual Sierra spring backpack is a car (or motel) camp this year. There are many outstanding day tours between Bishop and Rock Creek. High on our list is the Hilton creek traverse, Elderberry canyon, Wahoo gullies, White Mountain, Lamark Col, etc..

I hope you will join us. Winter passes quickly and we love to share its' treasures with you.

Mike Fry, X-C Ski Section Chair

[bus] 1998-1999 Schedule



[bus] Information

The Ski Trip schedule is above. Most of the trips accept beginners and ski lessons are provided.

TRIP COORDINATORS & COL volunteers are needed. Discounts are available based on the number of participants and length of the trip. If you are interested in becoming an outing leader for ski trips our January 30th training outing augments the chapter's leader training program. For more information contact Mike Fry, (619) 566-3851.

WWW: We are on the World-Wide Web at: http://www.sierraclub.org/chapters/sandiego/xcski.html.

DISCLAIMER: Skiing is an inherently dangerous activity. Although we attempt to minimize your risk, all our trips carry the risk of death or serious injury. Our leaders are experienced and trained volunteers. if you wish a higher level of safety, please employ a professional mountain guide or ski in a developed downhill or cross country resort.

We employ the services of transportation, lodging, food and ski resort providers. If any of these providers fails to meet our expectations, we will be just as disappointed as you are. We usually make the best of difficult situations, but failed services are the responsibility of the provider.

[bus] Trip Description Format

Trip format includes: date & days of trip; trip name; pricing information including deposit, full payment date and items included in price; skier level(s); trip description and coordinator name and contact information.

WSI - "Where the Snow Is" - TRIPS. We go to the closest skiable snow. These trips are usually just for one day but occasionally we offer optional overnight stays. Transportation is usually by car. The only costs are car pool, ski rental, food or lodging. As a courtesy to WSI coordinators, please do not call more than 5 days in advance of the trip and call only between 6 PM and 9 PM.

Ski Levels:

[bus] Reservations

Make check(s) payable to the Sierra Club and send with a note including your name, address, phone number, ski experience and the name of the trip. Include two 4"x9" Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes (SASE). Deposits are non-refundable. Priorities, such as bus seating and room assignments, are based on the date your full payment is received. When calling a trip coordinator, please remember they are volunteers. Call between 6 PM and 9 PM, unless otherwise stated. Please sign-up early if you can. We have to make large deposits many weeks in advance for these trips.

Refund Policy
Note that sickness or injury does not play a part in refunds. See "Trip Insurance".
Full Refund: 1. We cancel the trip. 2. The leader determines you shouldn't be on the trip or 3. You find your own replacement and they reimburse you.
Partial Refund: 1. We find your replacement and keep only your deposit. 2. We can't replace you, but we get a refund (or are not charged) by our providers because of your absence. You get back whatever we get back.
No Refund: If we can't replace you, you will receive equivalent standby credit on a future trip. You must pay any "per-person" costs charged to us. Typically, you would get credit for bus and housing costs, but not air fare, meals or lodge accommodations.
Trip Insurance: You may purchase trip insurance from any travel agent. They usually cover sickness, injury, family emergencies, lost luggage etc.

[bus] Suggestions

Help us make the Ski Section better. Contact:

We look forward to sharing the ski season with you.

[bus] Ski Section Mailing List

If you would like to be on our mailing list (free), please send your name, address, phone number, and ski level to Barbara Domurad, 10846 Parkdale Ave, San Diego, CA 92126, (619) 271-0696 or E-mail to domurad@msnmail.com. Also let us know about name and address corrections.

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Other newsletters available for 97-98, 99-00, and 00-01.

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